Wolf & Woman Grenache Rosé 2023


100% Grenache Noir from Swartland

Melon colour, with aromas of cherry, pomegranate and watermelon. Flavourful, crisp with a long dry finish.

Wolf & Woman Grenache Rosé is a blend from grapes from three different vineyards, all of them are bushvine, dryland farmed and grow in the Paardeberg region in granitic soils. The first pick is on 20˚B which gives you the energy and freshness of the wine. Second pick is around 21˚B and the last pick at 22˚B. The second and third pick gives you multiple layers of fruit and adds complexity to the final wine. All of the grapes were picked early in the morning, packed in crates and allowed to spend 24 hours in a cold room. The following day the grapes were pressed gently as whole clusters to obtain the perfect colour and to secure high-quality juice. The free run juice was drained into a stainless-steel tank to settle for 24 hours. No enzymes were used during the settling process. The juice was racked from the thick lees, first pick goes to a stainless-steel tank and the balance into 500 L old French oak barrels, after which the wine fermented naturally. After fermentation, the wine was given a low dose of sulphur and spent a total of 7 months on the lees before it was blended and bottled.

ANALYSIS: ALC 12 % | RS 1.7 g/l | TA 5.6 g/l | pH 3.25


What’s in the name? Jolandie’s husband, Gustav, send her this quote a long time ago: “Some days I am more wolf than woman, and I am still learning how to stop apologising for my wild.” A while later she was at the airport and while waiting to board, she went into a book shop and saw the book ‘Women Who Run With The Wolves’ by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. She immediately thought about that quote that Gustav had sent her and bought the book. After reading it she felt inspired, empowered and able to dream bigger and wilder than ever before. The book opened her eyes to the fact that the ‘wild woman’ is naturally creative, passionate and instinctive. These are characteristics she believes are crucial when you make and live wine. So when the new wine needed a name, this came to mind again.

There are many parallels that can be drawn between women and wolves. Loyal, protective, wild and beautiful, both know the unknowable and sense the unseen.

Jolandie Fouché, winemaker and owner of Wolf and Woman, is a lady to not judge lightly. Woman, wife, mother and gentle friend, she has a strong will to produce exceptional wine from special vineyards. We are privileged and proud supporters of all her wines.

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