Kaapzicht 20-Year-Old Potstill Brandy


This rich and complex 20-year-old potstill brandy from Kaapzicht is made from 100% Colombard grapes, picked early to preserve the essence of their fresh, vibrant flavours. Over two decades, the brandy has matured gracefully, absorbing the rich complexities of the oak alongside hints of vanilla, spice and toasted nuts. Hugely complex and intense, with many layers of different dried peaches and apricots, citrus, pineapple and almonds.

It is double distilled in the Cognac technique which maximises flavour extraction, and matured in old small oak casks from Limousin, Allier, Nevers, Eastern Europe and the United States, which each impart their own subtle nuances. It is naturally coloured, unflavoured and bottled by hand at 38% ABV.


In 1946, a man created a home by planting a vineyard. That man is now the great-grandfather of Danie Steytler Jnr who is proudly carrying the family winemaking traditions into the next generation. Here at Kaapzicht they craft wines with a sense of belonging, creating moments of purity and concentration.

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