Stellenrust Arti Sons The Albatros White Cinsault 2022


What a delightful and unique wine, and one of only two that we know of in South Africa. The other being from Donovan Rall, and also made in rather minute quantities.

The Cinsault vineyard was planted on the Bottelary Hills in 1964, and over time one corner of the block started mutating to ‘Blanc’. Some of the berries are slightly russet and some completely white. What caused the mutation nobody knows. For years it was all just harvested at the same time as the rest of the block and ended in the Cinsault (Noir). Since 2015, possibly thanks to a maturing wine market in South Africa, that can appreciate these special little offerings, the Blanc vines are harvested separately, resulting in a total of four barrels of The Albatros White Cinsault.

Should this wine be tasted completely blind, in other words – in a black glass with bottle out of sight, you might just struggle a little to decide if it’s white, red or maybe rose. Aromas of spiced lamb chops, lavender and jasmine and then a touch of granadilla come to the fore. It’s beautifully fresh, with a spice lingering on the long finish.

Try something new with this unique wine.

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Stellenrust was established in 1928 and has ever since produced some of the most superb quality wines that the Stellenbosch region from South Africa can offer. It consists of about 400ha (200ha planted) of which half is stretched over the Golden Triangle area of Stellenbosch, internationally recognised for some of the best red wine soil in South Africa. The other half is situated high up in the Bottelary Hills, renowned for its cool climate and late afternoon sea breezes swooping in from Cape Town to nurture both excellent white and red wines. Stellenrust boasts today of being one of the largest family-owned wine estates in South Africa carrying through generations of winemaking skills and the legacy of their motto “where excellence meets winemaking” put forward in every bottle.

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