Riedel Decanter Cleaning Balls


The decanter is an amazing tool. Brings old wines back together, and gives young wine the oxygen exposure it needs to be its best. But really, cleaning the decanter is no-one’s favourite task. The best decanters have narrow necks and either rounded bellies, or loops to expose the wine to enough oxygen. Here’s where the cleaning balls come in. To scour red wine stains off the inside of the glass gently, simply half fill with water, then tip in the cleaning balls. Swirl around for 5-10 minutes, or until the dried red wine has been scoured off, then pour through a fine mesh strainer to collect and discard the water.

  • Stainless steel cleaning beads in a jar
  • Perfect for cleaning the wine stains out of hard to reach places in wine decanters, without damaging the glass
  • Pour into the decanter with water, and swirl over stained areas to scour out stains gently
  • Pour through a strainer to remove, rinse, dry off and store
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