Bosberaad Chenin Blanc 2023


This 100% Chenin Blanc is one of those unicorn wines. Today you see it and tomorrow it’s all gone. It really is a wine not to miss annually and we hope that those who buy it loves it as much as we do.

Bosberaad – A ‘bush meeting‘ in Afrikaans. What it really refers to, in a more philosophical sense, is ‘an organised gathering in a neutral, quiet location – away from noise and distraction – where challenges can be resolved through constructive dialogue and collaboration.‘ A meeting in the bush (vines) of all the elements to make a wine.

“On the nose, we pick up a variety of stone fruits like pear and apricot accompanied by some hints of cantaloup, quince and honeycomb. There is a certain flintiness/saltiness to the wine which runs from the nose straight through to the pallet and just pulls everything nicely together. The slightest hint of reduction almost emphasises and elevates that freshness.” – Paul Jordaan

ANALYSIS: ALC 13.5% | RS 3.7 g/l | TA 6.4 g/l | pH 3.22

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“This wine is the product of ongoing discussions with friends and neighbours and continuous deliberation of the four elements.

Will it be under the blazing sun,
the blessing of rain,
all the phases of the moon,
trusting your senses and relying on your guts is part of the process.
We call this Bosberaad.”

Wines under the Paulus Wine Co. label is created by Paul Jordaan, assistant winemaker to Eben Sadie, and Pauline, French winemaker in the Swartland. Their focus is on Chenin Blanc, and their love is in the Swartland where sustainable farming and organic winemaking is the philosophy.

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