AA Badenhorst Sout van die Aarde Palomino 2020


The West Coast of South Africa is one of the wildest parts of the country. 150km North of the Badenhorst winery you will find this vineyard on a farm called Brakkuil. The old vines stand high out above the sandy topsoil and their roots go deep into the limestone bedrock. The salty sea winds and mists drench their leaves making this an utterly unique site.

At one stage it seemed that this wine was going to be a once-off, never to be repeated. Luckily we’ve seen a few more vintages produced, but that still doesn’t mean that there’s enough to go around for everyone. In their own words, Badenhorst Family Vineyards reckon this wine is “more rare than we like our fillet”.

The wine is pure and delicate, with a salty savoury finish.

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From three generations of winemaking stock, Adi was destined to be the best. Time in the Rhône, New Zealand and as winemaker at Rustenberg polished his talent before he (along with his cousin) brought his humble vineyard in the Paardeberg complete with gnarled vines and a run-down winery.

There are few young winemakers in South Africa that haven’t benefitted from his mentorship. This furry-faced whirlwind can be such a big personality – one of those ‘force of nature’ types – that people forget just how brilliant a winemaker he actually is. Adi makes wines to drink.

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