Van Loggerenberg Geronimo Cinsaut 2019


The wine is made up of two parcels of fruit which are picked and vinified separately and only blended together before bottling. 60% of the fruit is from old (40 years) dryland bush vines in the “Firgrove” area of Stellenbosch – same farm as the Break a Leg farm but different vineyard – planted on decomposed granite soils. The remainder of the grapes are from Bottelary Hills. All grapes were left to ferment naturally with one punch down performed daily. The wines underwent malolactic fermentation separately in barrel. The wines were blended together after 9 months in old French oak barrels and bottled right after. The Cinsaut is bottled earlier than our other red wines to maintain the crunchy fruit vibrancy unique to the variety.

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“This is the kind of Cinsaut I like to drink” says Corlien

The story behind the label: “When I was a youngster growing up in Rawsonville myself and a few friends would hike up the mountain to a swimming spot that we discovered, to reach this spot/pool, we had to jump off a 5m cliff. When it was my turn to jump, hesitation would creep in and taking that leap seemed impossible. With my friend cheering me on and reminding me that I can do it, I would take a deep breath and take that leap of faith. That few seconds in the air is indescribable! Shouting GERONIMO out of the top of your lungs. For a few seconds in the air you feel like a bird just soaring in the sky. This wine/label reminds us of the big leap of faith we took starting this big venture of ours in 2016, with friends cheering and helping us, and making us realise that we can do it. This is also symbolized by the boy jumping off a cliff in the top left hand corner of the label. The label also shows a piece of our South African heritage in the form of the postage stamp depicting the South African national fish, the Galjoen.”