The Blacksmith Hell Yeah Pinotage 2018


Harvested from a dryland vineyard in Paarl planted on clay soils. The grapes were picked on taste and acidity with the aim of making a fresh style of wine. In the cellar the grapes were 100% de-stemmed and spent 7 days on the skins after natural fermentation, with only six months in neutral oak barrels prior to bottling.

This wine is the antithesis of what we often think Pinotage should be. No heavy extraction and unnecessary weight to it. Tremayne’s knack for preserving freshness really comes through while still making a complex and intriguing wine. This is an edgy Pinotage with crunchy fruit flavours, it showcases the potential of the grape variety with a lighthearted feel. In the top three of “New Wave Pinotage” category.


Tremayne Smith sources old vines scattered in the more remote areas of the Coastal Region in South Africa. Wines are vinified without a cultivated yeast, fining or filtration. Tremayne started his career as an assistant winemaker at Mullineux Family Wines and is now making the wines at Fable Mountain Vineyards. Tremayne’s philosophy is to make wines that have soul and are satisfying to both make and drink. He strives to make wines that are fresh but still have structure and grip, and that are meant to be consumed young, yet also can stand aging time.