TESTALONGA El Bandito Skin 2018


In the vineyard:
Organically farmed dryland bushvines Chenin Blanc, planted in 1972, that weren’t suckered to retain leaves that I find balances the acidity and tannin levels. Picked on a balance between taste/feeling and experience we find this helps to maintain the pH/acid/alcohol balance that we love.

The technical stuff:
Hand harvested. Destemmed 100% into 1500L open fermenters. Fermented for 8 days on the skins before being pressed into one 3000L Foudre. No yeast inoculation, fermented at ambient temperature. Full malolactic fermentation takes place. 100% malolactic fermentation (not inoculated). Bottled after a light clarifying filtration and not fined.

This is my favourite and I’m looking forward to enjoying a few bottles this summer. It is an easy yet complex wine with a “just right” tannin grip on the finish. No problem with 10,23% alcohol level either.

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Craig and Carla’s own words:

“The “Skin” is our proudest wine being the first wine we bottled and made in 2008. The wine has come a long way and each year provides us with new flavours. We have toned down on the extraction and have now stopped experimenting as much as we used to. We have found our sweet spot that we enjoy for Skin Macerated whites and enjoy the balance we get from these flavours. We have reduced the length of time we leave the wines on the skin as the goal here is to find elegance and focus within this particular style which we love.”


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