Stark-Condé Field Blend White 2021


54% Roussanne, 30% Chenin Blanc, 9% Verdelho, 7% Viognier

This aromatic white blend is made from a single vineyard block which consists of 4 different grape varietals. The grapes were planted with the specific intention of creating this unique blend. Roussanne and Viognier add richness and texture, while Chenin Blanc and Verdelho add bright fruit and acidity. The wine is delicately oaked and handled as carefully and naturally as possible.


Back in 1989 when Hans & Midori Schroder purchased “Oude Nektar” farm, South African history books were being revised as the end of Apartheid was imminent. Raised in Stellenbosch, Hans left the country in the 60’s to attend university in Japan, where he met Midori.  The couple made Tokyo their home for the next 25 years where they raised 3 daughters.

Fast forward to a changing South Africa.  Fulfilling a dream of returning to Stellenbosch, Hans bought the 240 hectare farm in Jonkershoek and dedicated the next decade to growing quality grapes.  Eventually joined by daughter Marie and her husband José, together they launched Stark-Condé Wines in 1998.

José may have begun his wine journey with just three barrels of Cabernet and rudimentary equipment, but winemaker Rudger van Wyk now steers the cellar and his focus remains on hand-crafted premium wines.

“Stark-Condé” is a marriage of names. “Stark” is the surname of Hans’ mother who originally settled in Stellenbosch, whose creative spirit remains an inspiration to this day.  “Conde” is a nod to José’s father, a Cuban émigré to the US whose hard work and self-reliance was a lesson for future generations.

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