Scions of Sinai Mixed Case

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To share the love as equally as possible we’ll be making a mixed case available of the Scions of Sinai wines which are in incredible short supply! There’s a mere 524 bottles of the Heldervallei Cinsaut and although the Swanesang Syrah is more than double it’s still only 1204 bottles. The Nomadis is a blend of 95% Cinsaut and 5% Pinotage and for the first time ever Bernhard has released a varietal Grenache Blanc from the Klein Karoo and Cinsaut from the Helderberg. (rest assured that even though the photo shows only three bottles you will be getting all six)

Of  the following wines, one of each will be included:

Scions of Sinai NOMADIS 2019

Scions of Sinai FÉNIKS Pinotage 2019

Scions of Sinai GRANIETSTEEN Chenin blanc 2019

Scions of Sinai SWANESANG Syrah 2019

Scions of Sinai HELDERVALLEI Cinsaut 2019 (First Vintage)

Scions of Sinai GRAMADOELAS Grenache Blanc 2019 (First Vintage)

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Bernhard Bredell is one of the most exciting new winemakers on the scene with only three vintages behind his back under the Scions of Sinai label. A family history spanning as far as 160 years back in the Helderberg “sub-region” of Stellenbosch, he hopes to reclaim his family roots producing wine that was planted by his ancestors. He currently operates in a small cellar on Klein Helderberg farm built in 1850 by his great-grandfather.

“I believe wine’making‘ can become obsolete when your vineyards are balanced within their own terroir and they express their site authentically with purity in the grapes, that way it becomes much more a ‘Guidance’ process in the cellar for me, rather than a ‘Making’ process. Being gentle, respecting the specific conditions of the vineyards and having patience in the winery unlocks a special terroir purity for me. The vineyards have done all the challenging work already and poses their own uniqueness in the final grapes, the winemaking should just curate the best of that all the way into the bottle.”

For a thorough walkthrough of his story and the wines we highly recommend listening to the following podcast hosted by David Clarke: