Scions of Sinai ‘Atlantikas’ Pinotage 2021


Made from two vineyards on Rustenhof (owned by Bernhard’s cousin, Pieter Bredell). 50% comes from a corner of the low-lying bushvine vineyard that supplies the fruit for Bernhard’s top Pinotage, Fénix; and 50% comes from a trellised vineyard at the top of the same hill.
As per previous vintages, there is 0% oak on this wine – Bernhard relies on Pinotage’s natural texture and phenolics for structure.
Beautifully pure, fragrant wine – with raspberry, cranberry and violets. A total joy to drink.


Corlien’s notes: Aromatic wild cherries, pencil shavings and some tobacco. An easy, but not light and flabby wine. Fine tannin grip with fresh finish.

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Scions of Sinai