Pilgrim Bastardo do Castello 2017


For the record: this is the first certified Bastardo do Castello/Trousseau ever bottled in South Africa – and this is it’s story:

Perched on top of a North Eastern sloping hill, nestled between other isolated patches of hard to find vines, these vines enjoy prime views over Stellenbosch and its rolling hills toward Cape Town.

Manicured, and especially nurtured and kept isolated so as to keep safe from encroaching leaf roll virus off of neighboring farmlands, these vines produce amazing fruit. On the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain – a landmark that epitomizes quality – its roots run deep into the decomposed red/brown granitic soils of origin.

Only 66 vines have been found in Stellenbosch – and in this bottle is the wine that flows from them.


Color: Beautiful bright red with a cherry hue. As you would expect from a Bastardo, the color is not a very deep dark red, rather more see-through and vibrant.


Nose: Lovely lighter types of berry flavors like raspberry, strawberry and cranberry dancing through with flowery hints of violets and lavender. Orange peel, lemon zest and umami/seaweed flavors with an interesting twist of meat, especially venison and some cheese as well. Also, an end note of herbs and spices, picking up by the beautiful lemony spice – Sumac.

Palate: Good cherry tartness invigorating the palate, followed by a hit of spice, coriander and ground black pepper endingoff with the sweetness of the berries lingering. The mouthfeel is one of fine tannins contributing to this well-structured wine. Aging possibility of at least 5 to 10 years.


Alcohol: 14.5%

pH: 3.46

TA: 6.00 g/l

VA: 0.74 g/l

RS: 2.50 g/l

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