Kaapzicht The Steytler Range vintage release tasting with Danie Steytler


Kaapzicht The Steytler Range vintage release tasting with Danie Steytler
June  @ 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Danie Steytler Jnr has been making waves with his pure and classic wines, yet following in the footsteps of his dad, who was a leader in the creation of Pinotage blends in South Africa. Danie’s great-grandfather planted the first vineyard on the farm in 1946, creating a home for generations to come. Here on the Bottelary Hills, the Steytler family craft wines with a sense of place, wines of purity and concentration.

When one taste and appreciate the wines of today, it’s important to look back into the history. Where it all started. We wouldn’t have heritage vineyards to work with if our great-grandparents didn’t have the vision to plant those precious vines decades ago. The stories around this family is colourful, from leaving SFW when it was risky, to registering Wine of Origin Bottelary and tackling the export market since 1995, long before many other estates. 2022 marks the year Danie Jnr (4th generation Steytler on Kaapzicht) and his wife, Carin, became the official custodians of this family farm.

Join us as we taste The Steytler Range latest vintages to release, with Danie Jnr.

The 1947 Chenin Blanc 2023 – from the second oldest surviving Chenin Blanc vineyards in SA
Steytler Pentagon 2021 – showing the power of Bottelary
Steytler Pinotage 2021 – taking a heritage grape to another level
Steytler Vision 2021 – the wine that made people pay attention since 2001
A selection of Steytler Vision from previous vintages will also be shared from the family vinoteque

This will be a tutored format tasting with limited seats
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