Bosman Fides Grenache Blanc 2019


For Winemaker Corlea Fourie, winemaking is a careful balancing act between nurturing the soil, the vines and the wines; and exploring new and better ways of doing things in order to create something special, but with the same standard of excellence we have come to trust.

A light amber gold. Complex dried, waxy orange peel, marzipan with secondary fruit characters. Instead of simply tasting fruit or flowers this wine tastes of bruised apple, potpourri and candied peel.

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For the uninitiated orange wine isn’t made of citrus. It describes the colour of the wine which is caused by skin contact with the grapes. The grapes are fermented for 4 weeks on skins before basket pressing and storing in new Russian Oak.

Fides is a shining example of this tightrope twirl. It is a naturally fermented, skin macerated white wine which is orange in colour due to the time spent on the skins and pips. This is a 6000 year old tradition that originates in Georgia and Northern Italy, but is currently bang on trend globally.

This wine, made from Grenache Blanc, is a rich and robust wine with complex texture and flavour, and next-level fruit maturation.

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