Blacksmith Barebones Colombar 2019


The Blacksmith aka Tremayne Smith is at the helm of winemaking at Fable Mountain Vineyards and then keeps himself busy with projects such as this one and “The Horseman”. With a natural approach to winemaking, Paarl grapes went from juice to wine unfettered, the aim to make a fresh and lively white wine with bright acidity that’s unbelievably refreshing.

Although Colombar is the second most planted grape variety in the country you won’t see it on the label often as it usually ends up in brandy production instead of fine wine. Other notable wines are the Testalonga “I Wish I Was A Ninja” and Lowerland’s MCC.

Think of it as a Muscat in terms of its fruit forwardness but with significantly less perceived sweetness. The wine is bone-dry with suggestions of lemongrass and fresh lime. One of our value wines of choice for sure!

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