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From the outset Chris wanted to make a single white wine from this site, drawing inspiration from the Mediterranean, the Hemel & Aarde, and the Cape’s own heritage.  These slow ripening vineyards were planted in 2010 to a handful of carefully selected white grape varieties.  Proportions of these grapes will very every vintage, the idea being to bottle the wine just as the vineyards produce it.

This particular vintage contains 32% Chardonnay, 25% Roussanne, 25% Chenin Blanc, 13% Verdelho, and 5% Muscat.

The vineyards are small, and are painstakingly tended by the owner Hans, hence the name Vine Garden.

“As always this is quite an extreme wine with lots of flavour and some richness, cut by driving acidity. The nose is so complex and interesting: stone fruit and citrus with an exotic accent. The palate is also marvellously complex. This site has really come of age.” – Chris Alheit

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The Cape has a largely Mediterranean climate, with some cooler regions resembling the windy maritime climate of Spanish Galicia.

Its stands to reason, that if we wish to make the best wines possible in the Cape, we should play to our strengths by planting grape varieties that suit our climate. Plenty of inspiration can be found throughout the Mediterranean basin and the Iberian Peninsula.

Therefore, based on this premis, Hans Evenhuis planted a vineyard on Hemelrand in the year 2010. We call it Vine Garden. The idea is to bottle the wine just as the vineyard produces it, effectively creating a white field blend that changes every year depending on the vintage conditions.

The vineyard was planted in roughly the following proportions: 40 % Chardonnay, 30% Roussanne, 13% Verdelho, 12% Chenin blanc, 3% Viognier, and 2% Muscat Blanc a petit grains. However, as mentioned the proportions of the different grapes produced varies significantly each vintage.

Hemelrand it is situated at 360 meters above sea level, on gravelly clay, and Sandstone. It is cold and windy – a very marginal site. Grapes ripen slowly here. We have high hopes for this place.

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