Alheit Vineyards Broom Ridge 2019


“Perched up on our ridge, these bushvines are our pride and joy. They were planted between 1985 and 1972. Their roots go deep, grabbing life out of granite, humming their secret tune, calling you near. Like its predecessor Fire by Night, Broom Ridge is the tightest most restrained of our Chenin bottlings, usually taking a couple of years to show some of its potential. Trust me though, the bud will burst and the flower will open. This wine is coiled up now, bristling with lime and thatch, elderflower and sweet herbs. The palate is racy and pure, slightly pithy and saline.”

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Then onto the last point, some relatively significant news: one label change. The wine called Fire by Night was made from our best Paardeberg parcels. As it happens, these parcels were all on Nuwedam farm. The wine was named, somewhat obscurely, as an ode to the Paardeberg and to the people who’ve transformed its identity over the last few years.

Last year, after a long process, we were able to buy Nuwedam from the Von Chevallerie family. This represents a huge leap forward for us in that we now have full control over 20 Ha of fantastic old vines – a significant portion of our total vineyards.

We decided to rename the farm (still in process) to signify a change of ownership. We wanted a name that would help people to understand that this wine comes from one special place. I especially wanted to find the name of a timeless natural feature on or close to the farm.

One of our neighbours, a little-known winemaker called Eben Sadie, eventually found the name on an old map: long ago the top of our ridge was called BESEMGOEDKOP. Unfortunately, this is an intimidating name for many, so we’ve decided to anglicise it a bit (apologies to those who don’t approve). The wine will be called Broom Ridge. Maybe not quite as exotic as the rest of our names, but I think we’ll all get used to it. Certainly, it makes me think of the place. I hope it will take you there as well, to the high granite ridge, wild olives scrub, and old Chenin vines.